Cecchetti Ballet Exams


Cecchetti ballet exams are an annual event that allow for an external examiner to assess the students’ progress. The exercises that the students have been working on over terms 3, 4 and 1 are performed for a visiting examiner. A pianist is invited to play the ballet music for the exam day.

For the young Primary and Grade One students, a teacher goes in the studio with 4 students at a time and conducts the exam while the examiner observes. Students Grade Two and above enter the exam room and perform without their teacher present.

All students will have a chance to do a practice exam in May where we have a mock exam in preparation for the real day.

It is necessary for exam candidates to attend the Cecchetti Exam Convention in Melbourne in May.

Completing an exam is not compulsory. While examinations can be an opportunity for students to excel, many dancers do ballet and progress through the levels without ever sitting an exam. These dancers are still learning and enjoying ballet as much as everyone else. Each student is an individual and learns in a different way so this is the time of year when you as a family can decide if exams are right for you.

The exam is recommended for those students who have achieved a reasonable level of technique and understanding of the required tasks and at this time are making great progress towards their exam.

You need to be aware that your student will be required at every class in term 2 to ensure they are well prepared. If your student has to miss classes for any reason and your student’s teacher feels they will not be able to sit their exam we will notify you. The entry fee is non-refundable.

In the exam the students are scored numerically in several categories according to their level of technical abilities, dance quality and performance skills. They receive a report and a certificate. Results are awarded at presentation night held at the studio in Term 3. Certificates are given at recital dress rehearsal later in the year.

Our Cecchetti Ballet Exams are generally held on the long weekend in June.